Upon a pale horse... (The Mists of Ravenloft)

A Renewed Friendship

  • Roughly one year has passed since the heroes fight at Castle Ravenloft where Strahd Von Zarovich was defeated.
  • The winter in Invidia was cold, but quiet with good hunting for Kira and Kessler, who now was the wolfwere pack master following the death of Matton.
  • In the spring a conflict between Borca and Flakovnia, with northern Borca being occupied by Viggo. Ivan Dylsinia is captured or killed. The four tower’s treaty is invoked, with the majority of the aid coming from Dementlieu. Falkovnia in turn cuts off grain supplies to the four tower’s countries, which affects Demenlieu most of all.
  • In Barovia, without the Count’s protection, Shariza has run the Barovians mostly out of Barovia.
  • Rumors of the reappearance of Antoinette Reiner in Richemulot who is attempting to unite the country.

Vistani wagon

  • Melantha has been travelling with her tribe, the remnants of the Tribe of Hyskosa. As the 1 year anniversary of Evan Moreau’s death approaches, Melantha has a vision of the Moreau Estates bathed in blood. In order to preserve the pact that Evan made with the Vistani, Melantha feels bound to come to their aid.
  • Melantha travels to Invidia and lures Kira and Kessler to her camp with the smell of curry. Kira agrees to help Melantha protect the Moreau Family and Kessler decides to come along to help his mate and repay the debit he owes Evan. Together they travel the mists to Dementlieu where they encounter a noble’s hunting party chasing a 10-year old boy.
  • A fight ensues as Kira, Kessler and Melantha come to the rescue of the boy and quickly dispatch most of the hunting party. When the question the boy, they find that he’s part of an underground movement called the “Son’s of Enlightenment”. They claim that the nobles are starving the peasants because of the wars. Sympathetic to the plight of the peasants, they set the boy free.
  • The remaining member of the hunting party claims that they are not simply a dissident movement, but a well organized terrorist group. The Moreau Estates have not been attached yet, but there is a movement against them. Apparently Louis Moreau IV arranged to have a pig farmer sent to debtor’s prison when one of his pigs disrupted Louis’ daughter’s equestrian show, causing the horse to break an ankle. Feeling that the noble would cause nothing but trouble, they finished him.
  • Kira, Kessler and Melantha managed to sneak through the back country of Dementlieu and reached the Moreau Estates.



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