Upon a pale horse... (The Mists of Ravenloft)

The Moreau Estates

Moreau estates

  • Melantha, Kira and Kessler approached the Morea Estates to warn them of them impending danger. At the front gate they asked to speak with Colette but were forced to wait for over a half hour before Gerard who told they that they were not welcome at the Estates. They managed to convince Gerard that the situation was desperate and he allowed them to enter the Estates.
  • After waiting for another hour Colette finally makes an appearance and is upset with them for bringing up memories of Evan. They learn that the majority of the family thinks ill of Evan for going off and “getting himself killed”. None of the family believe that there is any real danger from the peasants.
  • They are gradually joined by many members of the Moreau Family, including Louis, Anton, Pierre and Sophie De La Rue. Despite impassioned pleas describing the dangers the family is not convinced and only Sophie, who wants to leave, and Gerard, who wants to increase the guards, appear to have any grasp of the situation.
  • Frustrated at the irrational behavior, the group attempts to do what they can. Kessler searches the grounds and discovers that there a few paths out of the Estates that could be good escape routes if needed.
  • Kira heads to the library and finds it to be unkempt and generally run down. One oddity was that the rose bushes were in bloom. The roses were only to be in bloom as long as Evan was alive. Kira felt a strong presence of magic but was not sure what was going on. As she watched, the roses began to die.
  • The Gerard informed the party that the family would be staying in the Estates. At the mention of the roses, Gerard mentions that they have bloomed once before and died quickly again. Gerard suggests that if they want to stay, they had better keep a low profile. Unsure as to the significance of the roses, the group examines Evan’s tomb and finds his body still within, decaying as Gerard has said it would be.
  • A further investigation of the library shows that the locks on the door have been broken. A search of the area reveals that several individuals apparently broke in and looted the entry way. The robber’s trail was followed and lead to a gate to the basement at the end of a long hallway. There were five corpses near the gate.
  • Horribly, the corpses stirred, rose and began to move towards the party. A fierce battle ensued with Melantha taking many wounds. Eventually the corpses were defeated and the party retreated from the gate to tend to their wounds.



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