Upon a pale horse... (The Mists of Ravenloft)

Into Tepest

Burning house

  • The party and members of the Moreau family and staff fled into the woods outside the Moreau Estates, followed by the angry mobs. The mists arose from the ground and the party arrived at group of Vistani Vardos and was greeted by Raoul.
  • The rioters could be heard on either side of the wagons, but did not intercept the party. Kessler and Kira could sense the presence of their pack and the occasional scream meant that the hunting was good.
  • When the last of the Moreau family was loaded into the wagons, the mists thickened and the ancient Vistani Stanislova guided the caravans safely out of Dementlieu. The smell of the burning estates was replaced with that of salty air and when the mists thinned, the wagons were outside the town of Mordentshire, at the estates of Pierre Moreau.
  • Their arrival was a shock for Pierre as was the news of the rioting in Dementlieu. Pierre invited them in and there was a celebration of their survival and a mourning for those that were lost.
  • Colette approached Kira, Melantha and Kessler and thanked them for saving her and Lucas. She confessed that she was conflicted about Evan and his friends, feeling that despite his faults he was a good man, but not being able to reconcile his involvement with the death of Elizabeth Hawthorne. She was treated coldly by the group.
  • The group made plans for their next move and sought council from Stanislova. “One does not simply walk into Avernus” she reminded them, but it was decided that it might be possible to fly and drop down onto the highest spire.
  • Kira and Melantha discussed their previous trip to Avernus while traveling back in time. There the group encountered a shadow dragon and a banshee near the top of the tower. They also remembered encountering the cloning rooms and destroying all of the clones – except that Evan would not kill his.
  • Kira remembered a story about the Banshee who was enslaved by Azalin. According the story she was once a shadow fey of Tepest who was killed with her child when discovered. Legend recalls being able appease the banshee if she was given an infant. Melantha rejected the notion of stealing a baby and giving it to the banshee, although Kessler thought the idea was a good one (and even suggested finding a sick and dying child). Kira went against her pack master and mates direction and sided with Melantha.
  • Stanislova told the group about an ancient artifact called the Eye of Vhaeraun which might appease the banshee as it would appear to be whatever a person desired most. The eye was believed to be in the possession of the three hags of Tepset, foul darklords of the land. The party decided to head to Tepest and try to recover the eye.
  • Arriving in Tepest via the mists, the group was joined by a brother and sister from Melantha’s tribe – Iadrei, who was a violin player and Zora who was a dancer. Both were capable in combat were eager to help Melantha. Kessler was able to convince his pack to run interference with the Goblyns that typically aided the hags. His pack was not pleased, but followed their leaders wishes.
  • Kira, Kessler, Melantha, Zora and Iadrei were given a potion that would temporarily nullify the effect of the Vistani artifact and allow it to be seen as a simple black orb. They headed out following a trail and the scent of of decay.
  • The group eventually found a cabin withe the discarded remains of many creatures around it. The cabin appeared empty, but the muck covered windows made observation of the interior difficult. Leading the way into the cabin Kessler found a mutilated Goblyn that was still alive. Kessler put the thing out of its misery.


  • The group searched the cabin and found a trap door beneath the table the Goblyn was on. They also discovered a woman chained inside a large cabinet. Despite her pleas and begging to be set free, the group was distrustful of her and left her there. Kessler went into the crawlspace beneath the cabin to search for the eye among the other treasures.
  • With her ruse not working on the jaded adventurers, the woman transformed into a Hag and started to attack the party. Two more Hags appeared during the vicious fight working their foul magic on the party. Eventually two of the Hags fell and the third disappeared in a puff of smoke.
  • Kira went into the crawlspace and quickly discovered the Eye while the rest of the party stood watch in case the last Hag returned. The group then headed back to the Vardos.



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