Upon a pale horse... (The Mists of Ravenloft)

Book One, Chapter Seven

Heroes have an unexpected diversion courtesy of the Vistani

A surprise visitor

October 5, 747 – Upon returning to the city following the parlay with Jacqueline Reiner, Helen hears the familiar call of the vista chiri alerting her that the Vistani are close by. She excuses herself from the party and locates the gypsy wagon down in the harbor district. To her shock, the only Vistana who is present is her old friend Raul. Raul has left the caravan in his sorrow that his dear wife Nicoleta has died in childbirth. Raul shows Helen (whom he knows as Melantha) his newborn son, Nicco, who has fallen deeply ill. To Helen’s horror, Raul explains that the spirit of Nicoleta returns every night to attempt to nurse the baby.

Helen returns to her companions and enlists the aid of Evan Moreau, Lydis Solnychnev, and Cara Emeir.

That night they huddled around a warm fire while waiting for the spectral image of Nicoleta to appear. Just past midnight, Nicco awoke and began to wail as the mists rose around them… and then she appeared. Nicoleta, her lithe dancer’s body twisting through the mists and gliding into the camp. Raul sat transfixed, his eyes unable to leave the vision of his departed wife. Helen stepped forward to block her path.

“”/campaign/ravenloft-game/wikis/melantha" class=“wiki-page-link”>Melantha!" Nicoleta exclaimed happily. “You have come to see my child!” Helen’s eyes were filled with tears.

“Yes. She is a beautiful child my dear friend.”




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