Upon a pale horse... (The Mists of Ravenloft)

Book One, Chapter Two

Heroes start a riot and nearly burn down a city

September 1, 747 – The agents of Louise Reiner give the group rooms at the luxurious Hotel d’Or in the River District of Mortigny. After having a chance to clean up the stench of the sewers out of their clothes, they are taken to meet Louise.

She asks them simple questions about their business in Mortigny and discovers that each of them is there seeking specific information. “Information is the true currency of Mortigny,” she tells them coyly, before offering to use her contacts to get them the answers they seek.

Joining the group is Cara Emeir who is seeking information about the disappearance of Harbor District philanthropist Javier St Germain, whom she was romantically connected to.

The chief lead the group has is Le Tete, the Captain of the Harbor District watch. Helen and Cara were able to clandestinely stake out his activities and came to realize that he frequented a brothel called the Yellow Songbird on Flood Street. They watched him for several nights to establish a pattern before deciding to strike.

September 4, 747 – They lied in wait and ambushed him after he left.

Villim and Boris “extracted” information from him and he admitted to his role in the kidnapping plot, claiming that Gerard Le Mains put him in this position and gave him orders to do it. He also implied that if he didn’t cooperated his family would be hurt. The group quickly moved to protect his family, but his son was on duty at Le Mains’ Manor House and could not be reached.

The group returned to Louise Reiner with this information. It was her belief that Le Mains must be removed from power, though it would be difficult without specific proof. Villim suggested that if they withheld all food and medical supplies from the Harbor District, and were able to pin the blame on Le Mains, the people themselves might take care of the problem for them.

September 5, 747 – Villim then befriended the Opera de Mortigny sewer room foreman, Pierre Egout and began to attempt to spread rumors about Le Mains blocking Louise Reiner’s humanitarian aid. Cara began to spread rumors that her former lover, Javier St Germain, was specifically targeted by Le Mains for the aid that he gave to the people of the Harbor District.

At the same time, Evan spent time with those in academic circles, successfully convincing them that Le Mains was hiding or destroying books and artifacts of historical importance. Ultimately he hoped this would erode Le Mains’ support among the wealthy should they need to apply political pressure from the upper class as well.

September 8, 747 – They let the situation simmer for a day or so before the group disguised themselves and went down onto Castle Street and Flood Street in the Harbor District. They started inciting the crowds that had gathered at various soup kitchens. The group on Castle Street (Villim and Boris) were particularly successful and the group started to become very violent and angry. They rioted down Castle Street towards Le Mains’ manor house.

At first, the guards at the manor tried to maintain order, but when the mob (lead by Villim) stormed the gates, they all fled for their lives.

Knowing that Le Mains would attempt to flee at the first sign of trouble, the rest of the group waited near the rear of the manor, with Le Tete, for Le Mains to attempt his escape. When Le Mains did make his move, he was accompanied by Le Tete’s son and his personal guard. Evan quickly used a sleep spell on the personal guard, rendering all but Le Tete’s son asleep. Le Tete’s son charged forward, but stopped when he realized that his father was with the group. When Le Mains saw Le Tete, he immediately knew that he had been betrayed. He shot Le Tete’s son in the back, killing him, before turning the gun on himself.

The rioters tore the manor apart and burned it to the ground, killing Le Mains’ family and hanging their mutilated bodies from the gates.

The riot nearly began to spread, the group quickly started distributing food and supplies from Le Mains’ house to the people, further reinforcing that he had been withholding aid. This kept the mob at a mere simmer long enough for Louise herself come down and swear to protect the people of the Harbor District and demand that they be heard by the Lord Governor Dominic Levigny.


Lena needs to point to Lena Solnychnev

Book One, Chapter Two

This one should be pretty much done now. Can you guys give it a look over and tell me if there is anything you think that needs to be added/changed.

Book One, Chapter Two

Only thing not in here that I remember is a nice roll by Evan to encite the Librarians to riot. It was here too I think that Cara made use of her skills and became known as the Witch.

Book One, Chapter Two

Oh yeah… What was that… Didn’t he rile up the academics so that they would distance themselves from Le Mains?

Book One, Chapter Two

Yeah, he convinced them that he was holding books of historical importance and keeping or destroying them.

Book One, Chapter Two

The incident with Cara was a result of the Levigny’s isolating the Harbor District after the riots

Book One, Chapter Two

Remind me about the Cara thing… I’m drawing a blank. Was she simmering the gangs down?

Book One, Chapter Two

all i remember is she rolled a 20 to try an influence some group, I think it was simmering the gangs down – they became terrified of the tepesti witch

Book One, Chapter Two

Oh yeah… I remember now. I’m pretty sure that was chapter 3. In Chapter 2 her and Kat bombed badly at trying to get the riots going over at the other soup kitchen.

Book One, Chapter Two

We actually raided Le Main’s house for the food and supplied we distributed to the crowds. It was to make it look like it was Le Main that was witholding aid from the streets (plus it was what was handy).

Book One, Chapter Two

That’s right…. Does that read better?

Book One, Chapter Two

Please redirect the link to Cara, to the page Cara Emeir. Thanks.

Book One, Chapter Two

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