Upon a pale horse... (The Mists of Ravenloft)

Book One, Chapter One
Heroes meet and escape the sewers

August 30, 747Helen of Verbrek, Evan Moreau, Villim Steinadler, Boris Strugalla, and Lydis Solnychnev (i.e. the group) awaken to find themselves in prison beneath the Harbor District of Mortigny. With them in the cell is Ivan Bogdana (an innkeeper) and his daughter Ana Bogdana.

Villim shocked to discover that his captor is his older brother Eckhardt, that he was sent to capture and return to Falkovnia by his father, Wolfram. Eckhardt taunts him and says he is now running a mercenary company and is doing the dirty work for whoever pays him enough coin.

Ana is then tortured and disfigured by Eckhardt with the aid of a hideous brute referred to as “”/campaign/ravenloft-game/wikis/the%20thing/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>the thing".

The group escapes the run-down cell, but is barred from escaping from escaping by “the thing”. They are able to defeat the brute, but are still trapped in the below-ground prison. Eckhardt pours burning oil into the complex, forcing the group into the Mortigny sewers through a bloodstained trapdoor in the floor.

Book One, Prelude
Heroes on the road to their meeting...

Helen of Verbrek

Spring 747 Helen awakens to the sound of vista chiri birds outside her window. She heads out to the usual spot she has encountered the Vistani all these years. There she meets with her friends Raul and Nicoleta who have just recently been married. She listens to tales and dances with them.

After the fires have died down, Madame Yvonne tells her that change is coming and that she must be prepared to meet her new destiny. “Follow the wandering spirit,” she cryptically advises.

When Helen returns home she finds that her family has been attacked by wolves and killed. She follows the tracks from her home to find her mother being toyed with by the snarling beasts and on the brink of death. She drives the wolves away and goes to her dying mother.


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