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  • Louise Reiner

    * Sister of [[Jacqueline Reiner]] (Queen of [[Richemulot]]). * Biological mother of [[Helen of Verbrek]]. h3. Current Events She has resided in [[Mortigny]] since 742 and has become known as the "Matron of Mortigny" through her philanthropic …

  • Nina Levigny

    Daughter of Lord Governor [[Dominic Levigny]] and the wife of [[Eckhardt Steinadler]]. Wererat. Killed during the Storming of Levigny Manor during the lead up to the [[Sisters War]]. h3. Description Petite, pale, and painfully skinny, Nina …

  • Dominic Levigny

    Wererat. Former Lord Governor of [[Mortigny]], appointed by [[Jacqueline Reiner]]. Father of [[Nina Levigny]]. Father-in-Law of [[Eckhardt Steinadler]]. Killed during the _Storming of Levigny Manor_ during the [[Sisters War]].

  • Lycanthropy Serum

    A serum being developed by the wererats of [[Mortigny]] in an effort to infect normal humans with lycanthropy. Details of its creation and other information on the wererats were uncovered by Dr. [[Evan Moreau]] in the sewers beneath that city. The …