Birthplace of the Church of Ezra through the teachings of Yakov Dilisnya. The western-half of the country is dominated by rolling hills and vast deciduous forests. The eastern half of the country is rocky and mountainous (containing the foothills of the Balinoks), with a few sparse evergreen forests. The Vastina River snakes west-to-east along the northern border while the Luna River cuts through the southern region. Major settlements include Levkarest, Ivin, and Sturben.

Borca is ruled politically by Ivana Boritsi and militarily by Ivan Dilisnya. The two are rumored to have been born on the same night and as such are nicknamed “the Dark Twins”.

Borders Verbrek to the east, Richemulot and Falkovnia to the north, Invidia to the south, Barovia to the south-east, and the Shadow Rift to the north-east.

Member of the Four Towers Treaty.

Game notes

Homeland of Lydis and Lena Solnychnev.

“Real World” comparisons

Borca is loosely modeled after real-world Italy during the time of the Borgia family’s rule. The languages spoken in Borca: Balok (lower-class) and High Mordentish (upper class), are modeled after real world Slavic and French respectively.


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