Darkon is both the largest and most northern domain in the core.
Ruled by The Wizard-king Azalin Rex from castle Avernus. This domain is also the most fantastic domain; dotted by grand halls and its inhabitants including all demihuman races.

Darkon is bordered by Falkovnia, the Shadow Rift, Keening, Tepest, and Nova Vaasa all along its southern border and Lamordia to the west. The Sea of Sorrows lies off its north-western shores (known infamously as the Jagged Coast by sailors) and the Nocturnal Sea lies off its eastern shore.

Darkon has fought numerous wars with Falkovnia (See the Dead Mans Campaigns)

Home of the fourth sect of the Church of Ezra. Created by Warden Teodorus Raines in response to the Grand Conjunction. Largely concerns itself with the end of times and is seen as something of a “doomsday cult”.

Major cities include Martira Bay.


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