Dead Mans Campaigns

The Dead Man’s Campaigns were a series of failed invasions of Darkon by Falkovnia.

  • First Dead Man’s War – 700
  • Second Dead Man’s War – 704
  • Third Dead Man’s War – 711
  • Fourth Dead Man’s War – 722
  • Fifth Dead Man’s War – 751

In each case, the armies of Vlad Drakov were turned back by a unending horde of the walking dead. In these horrific battles, Falkovnian soldiers who fall in battle quickly rise as living dead to attempt to slay their former allies.

Falkovnias believe this is because King Azalin of Darkon is a necromancer of great power. The Darkonese on the other hand believe that “the dead own the land” and the living are merely occupying it. Consequently, the dead are simply defending what already belongs to them.

Dead Mans Campaigns

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