Escape From the Dungeons

Continued from Melantha’s Quest

Left alone, the group quickly discovered that they were now able to use their abilities and Kira shifted into an animal form, escaping from her restraints. The rest of the party was quickly freed and they were able to recover their equipment from a nearby storeroom. Only one exit was found from the laboratory, as small tunnel, barely big enough to allow passage. With no other option, they proceeded down the cramped dark tunnel.

The tunnel ended in a large room filled with countless bones, as Boris entered the room, he found himself trapped with the rib cage of a monstrously large skeleton. The rest of the group entered quickly and battled the giant skeleton and numerous other skeletons that arose from the pile of bones. Eventually freeing himself from rib cage, Boris and the rest were able to defeat the skeletons.

Evan, although he had never been in this part of the castle, was able to locate an exit and navigate the treacherous bones. The rest of the group fared only slightly better and many suffered injuries from the bones.

From the bone room, the party traveled quietly down passage ways. They stopped when they heared voices up ahead, although it was difficult to tell exactly what was being said. Evan and Eli moved up with the group, quietly as possible, and immediately recognized one of the speakers as Lynn, who was apparently concentrating on something that they could not see. With a brief whispered conversation, Evan and Eli launched an attack on Lynn, with power magic and swords. Unsure of what was going on, but trusting of their companions, the rest of the group joined in the attack as well.

Unprepared for an assault, Lynn fell before she could act. As Evan went to finish her off, he was ambushed by Kazandra (who in this time still had two good eyes). The group was also attacked by the creature that Lynn had been tormenting, a mind flayer. Although the ensuing fight was difficult, the group managed to defeat the mind flayer and drive off Kazandra who was able to retrieve Lynn’s body.

The party took a short rest in the jails before moving on. Evan recognized these rooms and would be able to help guide the party out once they located Hyskosa.

Continued in Melantha’s Fate

Escape From the Dungeons

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