Evan Moreau

Son born to Louis Moreau III and Sophia Moreau in 720. Died in 756 after being beheaded in Invidia

Brother to Pierre, Claire, Sophie and Louis.

Husband of Colette.

Father of Lucas.

Physical Appearance

Evan is tall and was generally healthy, a benefit of the comfortable life-style his family can afford. His hair is kept short and neat and his clothes are of the finest materials and craftsmanship. He is almost always found carrying a book (sometimes many) in his hands.

Although 27 at the start of his adventuring career, he appeared to be a young man in his early 20’s. By 756, his many adventures had taken their toll on his physical body. His brown hair had turned white and wispy, his skin had an unhealthy paleness and his steps were slowed, making him appear far older than he really is.

He has been receiving treatments for his injuries and for a brief time after his adventures in Darkon during 755, his health appeared restored, it has quickly deteriorated since then.


Evan is the youngest of five children born to Louis III and has three brothers, an older sister, Claire, and a younger sister, Sophie. The Moreau Family maintains large estates in Port-a-Lucine, Dementlieu where the Moreau Shipping Company, the family business, is headquartered.

Evan does not have a strong relationship with his older siblings. Their interests lie very far from his and, while he does understand the family business, they have no interest in his studies or other intellectual pursuits, unless it can benefit them. His father never spared much time for Evan, but focused on Louis and Pierre, who would run the family business.

Only his younger sister Sophie has ever tried to understand him and they have a special bond. When she was little, Evan would read to her and when she was older she would practice the latest dances with Evan. Sophie was treated horribly by Claire and many times Sophie would come home to Evan and interrupt his studies with tears over how she was treated by her.

For the longest time, Evan never had much success with relationships, for a variety of reasons. That changed when he began corresponding with Colette Blanche while he was researching the Eternal Order in 748. Over time he discovered they had many interests in common (history, libraries, etc.) and when they finally met during his trip to Nova Vaasa they quickly fell in love. In the Spring of 749, a month after Sophie’s wedding, Evan and Colette were married.

In 756, nine months after his return from Darkon, Colette gave birth to their son, Lucas. Despite being in the nation of Borca, Evan was able to be present at his son’s birth, although he quickly departed, promising to return as often as he could.

Shortly after the birth of Lucas, Colette was kidnapped and during the rescue attempt learned many dark facts about Evan that he had previously kept from her. They are currently estranged although Evan is making efforts to repair their relationship.


Evan found his true passion early in his life when he stumbled into the neglected family library at the age of two. Unknown to the other members of the household, Evan began to study the books, first just looking at the illustrations but eventually teaching himself to read. His secret was discovered when Marie found him reading and organizing the library.

Evan was quickly provided tutors to further his education, hoping that he would put his intellect to work for the family business as soon as possible. By the age of ten, his tutors were so impressed with his progress, they recommended him for enrollment in the University of Dementlieu. His father quickly agreed and sponsored his attendance.

At the University, Evan’s natural abilities proved to be a blessing and a curse. Although he absorbed knowledge and excelled in academics, the social and political aspects were somewhat troublesome for him. He continued to work hard and pushed himself more than most of his teachers did. Evan studied virtually every subject offered by the University, but found his classes in history the most enjoyable. During his “spare” time, Evan helped many of the professors on their research projects and developed a network of academic contacts in many lands.

His graduation day was one of the happiest moments in his life. He graduated at the top of his class, completing his doctorate twelve years after entering the university, six years ahead of schedule. While he was on stage speaking to the alumnus, he saw his father lean over to Dominic d’Honaire (head of the Council of Brilliance) and say, “That’s my son.” It was the only time in Evan’s life that his father gave him any positive recognition for his accomplishments.

Evan was immediately offered a position on the faculty, which he gladly accepted. Several of the faculty members also offered him their daughter’s hand in marriage on that day as well. He declined all of those offers because the women (and their fathers) were only interested in increasing their status in society. They hoped that Evan would put his intelligence to good use by working to increase their fortunes.


As an associate professor, Evan became a highly valuable member of the University faculty teaching several classes in history and languages. His love of learning made him a popular teacher, although he quickly developed a reputation for being a difficult grader, and those who are below average dread having to take classes from him.

After five years of teaching, Evan earned his tenure at the University and became a full professor. This allowed him more opportunities to perform his own research and he began to uncover arcane secrets in the world, catapulting him into many adventures. During this time, he was forced to find a balance between obligations to the University and his desire to uncover more Truths.

In 755 Evan was granted the position of professor emeritus. This promotion, unheard of for a professor of his young age, was a result of his contributions to the University. The promotion was also heavily influenced by the large anonymous donation that was made to the University for his “special services on research matters of unparalleled importance to the world”. As a result, Evan is now able to teach when he wants and pursue his own activities without being encumbered by obligations to the University.

Arcane Studies

Evan’s network of contacts and his ability to utilize his family’s wealth, afforded him the opportunity to obtain numerous books and scrolls from distant lands. It was inevitable that he would eventually come across books on the arcane arts. Although magic is well known in Dementlieu, it is often viewed as nothing more than parlor tricks and illusions designed to fool crowds at fairs and carnivals.

When Evan realized the true potential magic had to offer, he doubled his efforts to acquire more and more works on nature of the arcane. Evan devoured the book’s contents and learned of his own aptitude for the arcane arts. He also discovered hints that there was more to the world then the reality that everyone else saw.

Slightly obsessed with learning more about these ‘hidden truths’, Evan commissioned several additions to the Moreau Estates including a large personal library, which was quickly filled with all manner of books. After several years, Evan felt he had learned all that he could without gaining some practical real-world experience.

Evan has uncovered much that is considered Forbidden Lore in his adventures.

Professional Organizations

Evan has made many contacts with a variety of ‘Professional Organizations’ across the core.

Society of Astrologers

While in Richemulot, Evan was introduced the the Society of Astrologers. This society, which included many of the prominent members of the Mortigny intellectual and political community. Evan attended several of their meetings and began to learn of their theories of worlds beyond their own and the truth which might be revealed by studying the stars.

His relations with the Society became strained when one of its members, a man named Devard ambushed Evan in order to steal some of his magical implements. In addition, Evan realized that the Society was far more interested in pursuing political power than discovering Truth. Evan has had little contact with them since his initial encounters.

Eternal Order

Evan’s time researching the Eternal Order allowed him to establish many contacts within the priesthood. Although most of the clergy is in hiding following the Requiem, Evan has a few contacts that he corresponds with from time to time.

Fraternity of Shadows

Increasing aware of the unusual nature of the world, in light of the Requiem of 750, Evan begins a serious search for others who might have the same insights. Eventually a group know as the Fraternity of Shadows came to his attention and he began to pursue an association them.

In 751 his inquiries and investigations finally succeed, and he is able to make contact with the Fraternity. Although Evan possesses all of the right criteria the Fraternity desires (male, arcane knowledge, etc.), his strong family ties are viewed as too much of a burden, and the Fraternity rejects him.

The Mists

Evan has become something of an expert on the Mists of Ravenloft. This unique understanding is partly because of the tremendous body of knowledge that he has accumulated and partly because of his first hand experiences. His studies have taken him to nearly every country and he has studied in almost every university and library, including the personal libraries of famous individuals such as Rudolph Van Richten and Azalin.

Evan’s special understanding of the Mists also comes from his own ‘encounters’ with the mists, something that very few people have had and understood the significance of. Although there have been several times he has felt their ‘attention’, two in particular had noteworthy effects.

While in Mortigny in 474, Evan was betrayed by an associate named Devard who ambushed him, stole his magical implements and blinded his sister Sophie during his escape. Evan later apprehended Devard and took his revenge by injecting him with a lycanthropy serum and then killing him.

Evan’s act of revenge and murder of Devard drew the attention of the Mists. Evan felt their caress as they gifted him with +1 bonus to all Int based skills. However, his eyes now have a crimson glow which is noticeably brighter when he is angry, but Evan normally wears tinted glasses to disguise his eyes. When not wearing those glasses, he gains Darkvision and a +2 bonus to Intimidate checks, but suffers a -2 penalty to Diplomacy checks. In full daylight, he suffers a -2 penalty to Perception checks.

In 750, Evan and his friend and adventuring companion William Cross, set out to attempt to find out information regarding William’s long lost wife and child. Although neither Evan nor William have ever discussed the full details of their adventure, Cross was reunited with his daughter Valerie.

The events of that adventure drew the attention of the Mists and they have enticed him with greater powers. Evan learned the spell “Soul Cage” which he is able to cast once per day in addition to his normal selection of spells. He also gained a +2 item bonus to all skill checks and grant himself and his allies a bonus to all checks with a single skill for the duration of an encounter (equivalent to the Ioun’s Revelation’s divine blessing). However, his skin is now uncomfortably cold to the touch and he suffers Vulnerable Radiant 5.

Published Stories

Evan Moreau is a highly published author, both in the academic and general community. In academic circles, his books on culture and history are used as text books by many universities. They have been translated into most of the languages of core, typically by Evan himself. Since the start of his adventuring career, Evan has published books based on his adventures, including the macabre, mundane and magical. The general community views many of these books as fictional stories, and as such he has gained a bit of fame, as his books are well written. A select population of people recognize that these stories are not fiction, but factual accounts of the strange world which surrounds the ordinary.

Evan is not oblivious to the consequences of publishing secrets about the powerful individuals in the world and always changes some of the details. He attempts to walk the fine line between revealing all and just enough. Of course there are a few copies of the fully detailed accounts in his library and given to close friends such as Dr. Van Richten and Lazarus Vesper. When he documents events that are too “dangerous” to publish, even as works of fiction, he uses a pseudonym known only to a handful of individuals and adopts a completely different style of writing.

Some of his more well know works include…

Evan Moreau

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