Melantha's Fate

Continued from Escape From the Dungeons

While recovering from their recent fight, Melantha continued to hear her name being called. Reluctantly, she searched the jails until she found an old man, Hyskosa, beaten and locked in a cell. As Eli the Bard was unlocking the cell, Hyskosa entered a trance and recited his hexad.

Regaining his senses he addressed Melantha saying that she was his daughter and that it was her destiny to prevent the catastrophe he foresaw. His bloodline, through Valana has worked to ensure that his prophecy came true, to the ruin of the world, but that she must prevent it by replacing what had been taken (the amulet that Azalin had them steal during the wedding). With his dying breath, he warned the party that they had three days to escape. They must have hold the life of the master, taking it from the highest spire of the tower east to Nevuchar Springs.

Evan clarified the situation, as none of his companions fully understood the implications of Hyskosa’s words. Azalin, the king of Darkon was a Lich , a being that preserves it’s life by keeping it’s soul in an object called a phylactery. It was Azalin’s phylactery that they must find and steal from the castle. Seeing no option but to follow the trail of Hyskosa, the group began their journey up towards the top of the castle.

Continued in The Ascent

Melantha's Fate

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