Mordent is a domain dotted with forest, moors, and heath. It has numerous small villages, farms, and the odd manor. Most of the coastline exists of chalk cliffs, and is at places quite dangerous to tread. The domain borders Dementlieu to the north, Richemulot to the east, the Sea of Sorrows to the west, and Valachan to the south.

Lydis Solnychnev fled to the church in Mordentshire following political disagreements with the Church of Ezra in her homeland of Borca.

Member of the Four Towers Treaty.

Home of the Mordentish sect of the Church of Ezra; created following the political fallout resulting from the death of Yakov Dilisnya and Camille Boritsi’s attempt at pacifying the church with generous funding after she was implicated in his death.


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