Moreau Forbidden Lore

Evan Moreau was always eager to learn, even as a child. This passion for learning has served him well in his academic career, but it is in the area of arcane studies where he truly excels and finds the most fulfillment. However, he has paid a heavy price for his knowledge.

Evan and Devard
While in Mortigny in 474, Evan was betrayed by an associate named Devard who ambushed him, stole his magical implements and blinded his sister Sophie during his escape. Evan later caught up with Devard and, consumed with knowing why he had assault him and his sister, he tortured and ultimately caused the death of Devard.

Evan’s act of revenge and murder of Devard drew the attention of the Mists. Evan felt their caress as they gifted him with +1 bonus to all Int based skills. However, his eyes now have a crimson glow which is noticeably brighter when he is angry, but Evan normally wears tinted glasses to disguise his eyes. When not wearing those glasses, he gains Darkvision and a +2 bonus to Intimidate checks, but suffers a -2 penalty to Diplomacy checks. In full daylight, he suffers a -2 penalty to Perception checks.

Compte Jean Marcel de Penible
Jean Marcel was obsessed with the idea of suffering and pain. These ideas lead him to the Madrigorian and Chain Ring of Kyton. He was a sponsor of the Hospice of Hala in Mortigny, Richemulot where he would enjoy seeing the suffering of the patients therein. It is here that he met and seduced Lena Solnychnev, teaching her the path of suffering. He was killed by Boris Strugalla and his companions, including Evan. After rescuing Lena from his sadistic lifestyle Evan recovered a book from his collection.

The book Evan recovered was the Volume IX of the Madrigorian which describes all types of fiends including those of Kyton. After many years of study, Evan was able to unlock many of its secrets. For him it functions as a Tome of Summoning, containing the spells “Summon Chainbearer” and “Summon Shadow Servant”. The Ring of Kyton rests in Evan’s vault, but could be used to open a doorway to the realm of Kyton.

The Lynn Debacle
In 750, Evan and his friend and adventuring companion William Cross, set out to attempt to find out information regarding William’s long lost wife and child. To try and get the answers they searched for, Evan dabbled in rituals and magic that was beyond his skills at that time. Willing to pay any price for the knowledge he want, the Dark Powers were happy to entice him.

Evan learned the spell “Soul Cage” which he is able to cast once per day in addition to his normal selection of spells. He also gained a +2 item bonus to all skill checks and grant himself and his allies a bonus to all checks with a single skill for the duration of an encounter (equivalent to the Ioun’s Revelation’s divine blessing). However, his skin is now uncomfortably cold to the touch and he suffers Vulnerable Radiant 5.

Azalin Rex
In his efforts to stop the being known and Death, Evan played a major role in bringing back the lich king of Darkon, Azalin. He was horribly wounded by the servant of Death, Pestilence, and still carries that wound to this day.

Pestilence’s wound will never fully heal. Evan suffers a -2 penalty to all Strength and Constitution based skills and has his healing surges permanently reduced by 1 point. The only known remedy for this wound is for Evan to drink vampire blood. Doing so negates the wound’s penalty for one month. However, he suffers a -2 penalty on Will defenses against the donor vampire’s attacks and the vampire has the unerring ability to locate Evan.

To reward Evan for his services, Azalin personally tutored him in numerous rituals and donated a large sum of money to the Univeristy of Dementileu so that Evan could come and go as he pleased. In addition, Azalin’s tutoring grant him extra spells that would not normally be available to someone of his experience (equivalent to the divine boon Corellon’s Boon of Arcane Might).

Evan enjoys access to Azalin’s vast resources, at least as long as he continues to provide information and other services the Lich desires. For the purposes of determining appropriate magic items, Evan gains a +1 bonus to his level.

Moreau Forbidden Lore

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