New Brand

Settlement of Falkovnian refugees nestled along the banks of the River of Sacrifices in the forested House of Sages region of eastern Richemulot. Most of the settlers of this town are rebels or families of rebels that have fled Falkovnia following the bloody Aerie Uprisings and their defeat at the hands of Wolfram Steinadler and the Golden Lion Army.

As with most Richemulese settlements, New Brand was founded amongst the ruins of an ancient civilization, though little remains of the former fishing village, save for the crumbling stone walls and exposed foundations. The most significant structure remaining is old chapel overlooking the town. The citizens of New Brand have recently dedicated this chapel to Ezra.

The current mayor of the settlement is Jorn Rainer.

During the Sisters War the citizens of New Brand were contacted by Villim Steinadler in the hopes of joining the forces loyal to Louise Reiner. When Villim returned to the settlement in the hopes of rallying the people, he found it completely destroyed, with with a large number of rats and nearly the entire population of the town drowned in the River of Sacrifices. The few who did not meet their end in the river were completely torn apart by some sort of beasts.

Though there was no way to be certain, Evan Moreau and Villim Steinadler believe that the people of New Brand were victims of the Becoming Plague.

New Brand

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