Upon a pale horse…

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Book One – “The Sisters War”

The heroes are drawn into a civil conflict in the nation of Richemulot which erupts from the petty rivalry of the twin sisters Jacqueline and Louise Reiner.

Chapter One“In which the heroes meet and escape the sewers…”

Chapter Two“In which the heroes start a riot and nearly burn down a city…”

Chapter Three“In which the heroes attend an expected wedding and another not-so-expected wedding…”

Chapter Four“In which the heroes find horror and vengeance under the stars…”

Chapter Five“In which the heroes go to war in the streets of Mortigny…”

Chapter Six“In which the heroes defend a town under siege…”

Chapter Seven“In which the heroes have an unexpected diversion courtesy of the Vistani…” (unfinished)

Chapter Eight“In which the heroes battle for the fate of Richemulot and beyond…” (unfinished)

This is a resource for my current 4e Ravenloft campaign. I have personally been in love with the setting since I first saw the 2nd edition ad for the Black Box on the back of a X-Men comic book.

Thanks to all my players, past and present, for all the great memories! =)

We’ve been working hard on the wiki, which now features over 250 articles!

To my editors/players: Also, please take a look at the Adventure Log as I have been adding content to that. Please check for typos (thanks Jon) and also for accuracy and to make sure I haven’t left anything important out.

Also… I know you guys know a lot about the setting and I sincerely (I mean it, sincerely) appreciate your enthusiasm, but please remember that we have players that do not know as much as you. Please only put knowledge that characters would know or what has been revealed in game. See Azalin Rex.

Upon a pale horse... (The Mists of Ravenloft)

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