Upon a pale horse... (The Mists of Ravenloft)

Book One, Chapter Five

Heroes go to war in the streets of Mortigny

What happened before…

The heroes braved the depths of the Society of Astrologers to rescue Lena Solnychnev and finally capture Eckhardt Steinadler, only to be betrayed by Boris. Boris’ wife and Villim’s sister, Maria Steinadler had been captured by wererats and he was cohersed into releasing Eckhardt in exchange for her safety. As they overcame the shock of this, the saw flames and smoke rising from the manor house of Louise Reiner, their matron in Mortigny


September 23, 747 – The group rushed back to Louise’s manor where guards and servants rushed about trying to put out the flames. Before they could even enter the grounds they were greeted at the gates by Louise herself. Her silken green dress was stained with blood from a gash in her side and her eyes were full of fury.

“The ”/campaign/ravenloft-game/wikis/levigny-family" class=“wiki-page-link”> Levignys have gone too far this time!" she bellowed. She ordered Villim to assemble their militia from the Harbor District and prepare to march on the Levignys’ home in the the Castle District. Lydis briefly asked her is she was alright with the intention of tending to her wound, but she ferally screamed at them to leave and raze the Levigny Family estates to the ground.

War in the streets

Villim quickly rallied Louise’s forces in the Harbor District and marched to the gates of the Castle District where he encountered the first resistance from the Levigny loyalists. He sent troops through the sewers (lead by Helen of Verbrek) to slip past the Castle District walls and caught the wall defenders from the rear forcing them to abandon their posts at the walls.

The forces under the command of Villim surged forward into Church Square and faced heavy resistance as the Levigny guards were aided by Eckhardt Steinadler and his mercenary company “ The Black Lions”. Villim sent skirmishers up the side streets and was able to flank the Levigny forces, causing Levigny guard to rout and the Black Lions to retreat to Levigny Manor.

Villim’s forces continued their pursuit and while the Harbor District troops faced off against the mercenaries, Villim and his command group faced Eckhardt and the Levignys in single combat.

In the end, Dominic and Nina Levigny were killed, Eckhardt was captured, and Levigny Manor was burned to the ground. The remaining Black Lion forces fled the city.


Villim and the group returned to Louise’s manor where they were stunned to find that Louise has just regained consciousness! They had been ordered to attack by her twin sister: Jacqueline Reiner. Louise sat stunned for a moment saying that she had intended to bring about at takeover of the city through more civilized and political means, but the end result is the same. Though she confessed she had no idea why Jacqueline would betray the Levigny’s so.

A new dawn for Mortigny

September 24, 747 – Upon the hilltop where Levigny Manor once stood, Louise delivered an impassioned speech to the population, in which she claimed responsibility for the actions of Villim declared the city of Mortigny forever free from the influence of her sister Jacqueline -

The smoke-filled skies over Mortigny are bright crimson as Louise Reiner ascends the low hill where Dominic Levigny’s mansion once stood. The people of Mortigny have been following her since she left her own Harbor District dwelling and moved on foot through the city. She stops and surveys the ruined estate in front of her before turning and looking out at the silent masses watching her.

“People of Mortigny!” she cries, her voice carrying across the still air. “Today marks the death of the past and a new birth for our great city. Too long have we been a forgotten river town and little more. Too long have we lived under cruel and incompetent leadership while
the wealth of our nation stays in Jacqueline’s coffers. I promise to give a new life to Mortigny and a rebirth that will make her grander than not only ”/campaign/ravenloft-game/wikis/pont-a-museau" class=“wiki-page-link”> Pont-a-Museau, but the great cities of Dementlieu! I will make this city the jewel of our nation and a beacon to the entire world. But I can not do it alone. I call upon each of you to join me… No man or woman who works hard will ever go hungry again. No children will ever suffer from sickness we can cure. Together we will build a new and great city and the voices of Mortigny will be heard in the halls of my sister… and these voices will rattle her golden palace so loudly that they will never be ignored again!!!"

The people cheer wildly and chant her name “Louise! Louise! Louise!” They shower her with flower petals as she walks through the throng back down the cobblestone path. She pauses briefly and looks across the adoring masses. A single tear traces its way down her pale cheek…



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