Evan Moreau

Male Human Wizard (Mage)


Evan is tall and was generally healthy, a benefit of the comfortable life-style his family wealth afforded him during his youth. His academic upbringing left little time for physical activity and as a result he is less physically fit than most.

At the start of his adventuring career in 747, he appeared to be a young man in his early 20’s. His hair was kept short and neat and his clothes were of the finest materials and craftsmanship, although not always the most practical. As befitting his academic interests he usually has a book or two in his arms.

By 756, his many adventures had taken their toll on his physical body. His brown hair had turned white and wispy, his skin had an unhealthy paleness and his steps were slowed, making him appear far older than he really is. He has a debilitating stomach wound that he suffered in Darkon, which has never healed.


Born in 720 into a wealthy merchant family in Dementlieu, Evan excelled at his academic studies.

He was killed in 756 during the siege of Castle Hunadora.

He was cloned and killed several times over the course of the following year by Azalin until in 757 he was rescued by Kira, Melantha and Kessler.

Evan Moreau

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