Morgan De Rossi

Son of Nathan De Rossi and step-son of Claire Moreau.

The cruel eldest son of Nathan De Rossi, Morgan expected to inherit the family wealth upon his father’s death. He however was written out of the Will when his father married Claire (who was younger than Morgan). Outraged at being cheated out of his fortune, he plotted the death of Claire. However, before he could act, she was killed.

Confident that no one from Claire’s estranged family in Dementlieu would claim the estates (wealth passed to the eldest male relative according to the laws of Borca) he moved into the family estates. The staff quickly learned why Nathan had excluded his son – Morgan was abusive, wasteful and began to squander the family’s wealth.

Shortly thereafter, Evan Moreau appeared to claim the estates for his family. Outraged at potentially losing his birthright again, Morgan rounded up a drukne mob in an attempt to force Moreau and his companions out of the De Rossi house. The mob’s will crumbled as they sobered up and faced Evan and the Sword of Ezra.

Later Morgan arranged the assassination of several of the Estates staff while attempting legal action to force the Moreau’s out of his life. The legal proceedings never took place as Morgan challenged Eli the Bard in a duel to the death over accusations of Morgan’s involvement in the death of the staff members (one of whom Eli was romantically involved with). Eli subdued Morgan but could not bring himself to kill him. Evan Moreau killed the unconscious Morgan De Rossi to end the matter once and for all.

The crowd hushed as the last blow from Eli knocked out Morgan De Rossi. He crumpled to the floor, his poisoned weapon clattering. Eli looked down at Morgan with a mixture of contempt and pity. His own blade was poised to strike a fatal blow, but, despite Morgan’s murder of a woman he cared about, he hesitated, unable to finish the duel. No sound was made in the ballroom as everyone, including Ivana Dilysnia, waited for Eli to decide Morgan’s fate.

A hand gripped Eli’s shoulder and gently pushed him aside. Evan Moreau silently walked passed Eli to stand over Morgan, whose only movement was a shallow breathing and slight involuntary twitch. Evan reached into his black travelling robes and withdrew a long, slender bone wand and pointed it at Morgan. With barely a sound, Morgan’s body seized once and then was unnaturally still.

Placing the wand back into his robes and taking the hood from his head he turned to Ivana, “I apologize for my tardiness to your birthday party.”

Morgan De Rossi

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